High oleic sunflower oil is very high in oleic (monounsaturated) acid. High oleic sunflower oil is usually defined as having a minimum 80 percent oleic acid.

The oil has a very neutral taste and provides excellent stability without hydrogenation. High oleic sunflower oil offers a trans free oil solution for customers. The oil has many uses including bakery applications, spray coating oils for cereal, crackers and dried fruit; it is used in non-dairy creamers, many types of frying and other uses.

Oilseeds’ high oleic sunflower oil has a long history as a proven ingredient in functional food applications, including: dairy substitutes, salad and frying oils, spray oil for fruits, cereals, and granola, and in the manufacturing of confectionary products. Food manufacturing interest in high oleic sunflower oil remains high as dietary recommendations continue to favor increased monounsaturated intake along with the reduction in consumption of saturated fats and trans-fatty acids, or hydrogenated oils.

We offer 2 types of Refined Sunflower oil :


This quality offers min 25% oleic, contains antifoam, no smell, no odor, light yellow color

Application : Frying French fries, Meat, Fish, Salads

Our brand : Mangro Farmers – Winor


Our premium oil contains hich oleic, it lasts 2 times more than Standard type, contains also antifoam

and antioxidant which makes the oil better for longer usage.

Application : All

Our brand : Mangro Farmers – Winor Premium


Specific gravity at 20°C (g/ml) 0.918 – 0.923*

NF ISO 6883

Refractive index (n 40 D) 1.461 – 1.468*

ISO 6320

(indicative) ND
Saponification value (KOH mg/1 g) 188 – 194*

AOCS Cd 3a-94

Iodine value (calculated) 118 – 141*

AOCS Cd 1c-85

Moisture (%) < 0.07

NF ISO 662

Free Fatty Acid as Oleic Acid (%) < 0.1


Alkalinity (ppm) < 5

NF EN ISO 10539

Peroxyde value (meq/Kg)
Tank delivery (at departure) < 1

NF ISO 3960

Container delivery (Bottling) < 2

NF ISO 3960

Phosphorus content (ppm) < 5

NFT 60-227